Friday, October 28, 2011


It is Friday and I am linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! It is a glimpse into your week with grainy phone pictures!!!

Before we get started, let me give a BIG OLE shout out to my oldest sister Leigh Ann on her birthday!!! Happy Birthday Lonnie...I had a blast with you this past weekend! I love you and wish I could be with you to celebrate today!!! Drip in your Silpada and think of me! :)

Like I said, Leigh Ann came to visit this past weekend. She brought her five year old daughter, Jenny, so they could help Caroline celebrate at her sixth birthday party! Her middle son, Josh, who is 12, sent me a homemade apple pie that HE MADE!!! It was delicious...SO delicious!

Look at that! Pure beauty! And he is ONLY 12!!!

This is Caroline and Jenny in their matching pjs. Thanks, Grandma!

And then off to the party...this is one of Caroline's friends, Mary who was more than ready for a pony party!

The kids learned how to groom horses.

The hayride was a HUGE hit!

Then we were off to a block party at church. There were inflatables, face painting, games and music. There were even races for kids. Will decided to participate.

He is the second red shirt from the left...he came in third. :) The kids had a blast but after a pony party, I was exhausted and didn't last long.

We had family pictures taken last week...whew. It was a struggle...Mark had a bad attitude, Will was done before we ever started and Caroline knew how to work the camera. HA!

Bad quality picture not from the photographer. I took this picture with my cell phone from the pictures on the computer. :)

Those hands on her hips...she had them there the WHOLE time!!! She was a riot to watch. My photographer is actually going to use one of her pictures in a magazine ad. How cool is that?

Link up with us with your phone pics. It is such fun!

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  1. cute family photos. ..even with the attitudes.

    i'll be over after school today for pie!

  2. That pie looks awesome!!! YUM!!!

    Love the hands on hip!!! Have one that would do that too!! haha!!

    Happy Friday

  3. Love the family pics! I am impressed with the apple pie made by the 12 year old. I"v never made one. But I think I will have too now. So pretty!