Monday, October 31, 2011

My Heart

My heart is a very sensitive place. I love big when I love, and I hurt big when I hurt. Many people say that I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I don't think I agree with that. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, but my heart I keep locked up tightly.

My heart may come through in some of those emotions I show...and let's face it, I AM emotional. But I don't give my heart to many people or things. I am too aware of the fact that they may break my heart, so I keep most of it hidden away.

I thought I was OK with that. Until I heard this song:

(If you haven't heard the songs from The Story, then you need to check it out here. Amazing songs that bring to life the characters of the Bible that we all know and love so well.)

Back to my heart. I thought I was being smart by keeping it protected, but if "at the end of the day, I want to hear people say, My heart looks like your heart." then I can't keep it locked up.

Jesus did not keep His heart locked up. He gave His whole heart to us, for us, because of us. He laid His heart down and watched as His enemies trampled it, watched as His friends betrayed it, and suffered through His Father rejecting it.

I am not Christ-like when I put up a wall and keep people at a distance. I have a friend that tells me EVERY time I am facing a tough situation to always look like Jesus. It matters not what the other person or persons does or says to me or about me, I am only responsible for my own actions. And those actions need to reflect the character and heart of Jesus.

That is so hard sometimes. Especially when the hurt comes over and over again from the same person. Or when I am blatantly wronged or my family is wronged. But Jesus did not tell me to pick and choose who I show grace and mercy to--He told me to be His arms, His feet, His words here on earth. And I can't do that with walls up all around me.

It is no coincidence that God chose David (of whom this song is about) to be the man who sought most after His own heart. David had quite the in the fields, tending to His sheep, knocking out giants, wooing kings with his music, becoming a king himself, committing adultery and murder and lying about it all. David did everything right, then everything wrong and yet God still uses his story to show us His love, grace mercy, justice and forgiveness. Sure there were consequences to David's actions, but there was also a fierce love by a just God who never stopped pursuing David's heart. That same God pursues our hearts even today.

It seems silly, in light of the knowledge that the Almighty God pursues us, to even contemplate building up walls around our hearts, minds or lives. Walls give hiding places to fear, anger, bitterness, lies, and any other action that would separate us from a holy God. Walls do not allow us to reach out easily to Jesus when we need help. Walls make the clarity of God's voice suddenly a jumbled mess of unclear noise. Walls are just what Satan wants us to put up around our hearts so he can drive in a wedge of doubt or confusion. Tearing down our walls is of paramount importance to Jesus being able to work. Even if the wall must come down one brick at a time, I urge you today to start the demolition process. The freedom on the other side is so worth the work even now.

I know, if I want my heart to look His, and I really, really want my heart to look like His, then I have to break down the walls and let Him be my protection and my strength. It is scary, I agree, but it is vitally important in order to move forward in my fellowship with an Almighty, all-loving God.

Need to borrow a sledge hammer?

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  1. I need to borrow it... and I needed to read this, so thank you. Some people have a real gift for getting a message across - you definitely have it. Very powerful.

  2. Wow! Very powerful point. I tend to keep my heart very gaurded too, and have never thought about "not" being able to show Jesus that way.