Saturday, November 12, 2011

Feel The Need

I feel the need to explain that header up there. I couldn't wait. I know there is still two weeks til Thanksgiving, but I am hearing Christmas music already when I am out, a few neighbors already have their trees up and I am making lists (though not checking it twice...yet). So I decided to go ahead and let Jennisa change my header. She is great!

Did you watch the Carrier Classic last night? That was awesome watching Carolina win a ball game on an aircraft carrier.

We had basketball practice today...can't believe still that I am a coach. I am not sure Will can believe it either. Anyway, we are hanging out today and watching football.

And I just wanted to explain the header!

Have a super Saturday!!!

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  1. I love that header! I'm itching for a more "simple" blog look. Who designed yours?

  2. love the new header! 'tis the season!

  3. Love the new header!

    And I'm still in shock your dad bought that shirt for Mark. How dare he?