Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

There is a proclamation to be made this fine November day.
There is a birthday to announce--Anonymous is her name.

I would show pictures of her from birth to just right now.
But she refuses to let me and so to her wish I bow.

I will tell you though that today is a big milestone.
She seems prepared to face it with her coffee and a groan.

But sis I say don't sweat it, turning 40 is not so bad.
You have lots to look forward to, no need to get too sad.

There are so many things left to encounter, people left to meet.
And who knows, one of those may be the young one who helps you cross the street!

Your bones may creak and moan a bit, your metabolism may slow down.
Your memory might not last as long, but that is no reason to wear a frown.

Just think, you have the right wardrobe now, elastic waists and old tshirts.
It fits the look you need when you go tell the doc of all that hurts.

Your teeth should last you much longer than this, if you continue to brush and floss.
Lord knows you don't want dentures, do you know how much they cost?

Your husband has no room to speak, because he is older than you.
Which makes you quite the young one, when you compare just you two.

You have accomplished a lot in your 40 years, so many reasons to hold your head high.
For a wonderful, successful life, you seem to have found the kigh... (make it will get the inside the joke).

So to the one who was brave enough to walk around Greece wearing no top.
Here's to a another great year for you, you are going to make 40 rock!!!

Happy Birthday Anonymous!!! This was supposed to go in the box from Leigh Ann and me but I was late!

We love you lots!!! Have a fabulous day and be sure to read our card over and over and over again!!!

post signatureand Leigh Ann!


  1. I have found the kigh to success in your 40s. Love Jesus, love your family, and laugh a lot. Your blog helps with the last part. :) Love you and LA tons and tons. Just wait....yours is next year!!!

  2. I wish I had a sister like you. :-)

    I'm also glad Anonymous is finally 40. She's one of the last from our class to do so. Dang youngin'.