Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Night's Cuteness=Today's Sugar Coma

We had such fun last night...probably my most favorite Halloween since I have had kids. We went to my friend Julie's house. She had chili, hot dogs, chips and candy for us to eat. We sat around the fire pit and ate and passed out candy to the trick or treaters and we took the kids around the neighborhood to get candy.

I laughed earlier in the day when I read on twitter that "Halloween was the only day when we encourage our kids to take candy from strangers." LOL So true...and I had Caroline trained to come running back to me and show me what she got and ask, "Is it something you like?" Haha!!

Anyway...here are some pics from last night...

My prize fighter and my fighting Tinkerbell!

Mark (in the hat) and Lee (Julie's husband) were splitting wood for the fire pit. I walked out and asked if they needed any help. Lee replied with , "No, we got it. We are John Bunyan for Thanksgiving." LOL I think he meant...PAUL Bunyan for HALLOWEEN.

Caroline was the only girl kid there so she got super excited when the "crayons" showed up! Mary Kate (far left) has always been so sweet to Caroline, from way back when Caroline was itty bitty...and Caroline remembers. Megan, my friend Donna's daughter, is always patient with Caroline when we come over because Caroline follows her and her sisters all over the house. And Bailee, I taught Bailee in fourth grade, is just precious to everyone she is around, I think. :) Caroline asked all night if she could hang out with the crayons! :)

Looks like the boxer got knocked out (with a mouthful of candy).

Hope yall had a fabulous night!!!

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  1. Hey beautiful! It's been a while and your kids grew up on me :o) Glad you had a great halloween. ours was the best so far with the kids too. They both had so much fun- I loved watching them be so excited!
    BTW - way to give your kid a black eye! That's the way to make it look real :o)