Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Update

So we had a good weekend...I definitely loved my extra hour of sleep! My family members, however, forgot how to sleep in...grrrr!

Friday, my class had a field trip--outside--and I forgot my jacket. I froze. But the kids had a great time. Learning all about ecology, producers and consumers, predators and prey and seeing snakes, owls, red wolves and bald eagles. I was exhausted on Friday so we did not do much Friday night.

Saturday was the pancake breakfast in town and the kick-off for the Christmas season around here! :) It was also the day of basketball practice.

Oh...I don't think I told you about basketball...Will's basketball to be more exact. Well, no one signed up to be the my friend Jill said she would coach...and then she volunteered me to be the assistant coach.

Now, I admit I played ball in high school...and I was an OK college scholarship for me so I was not great...anyway, you get the point. I am really good at telling teams what they should be doing while watching a game, so I figured I was ready for my (assistant) coaching debut (to be honest--the first practice was Thursday night and I had to miss it because I had a hair appointment...LOL. I don't know about you but I have to make my appointments like 3 months in advance and I was NOT missing it!)

Anyway....I played a lot of defense on Saturday. I told Mark that I was not in a defense stance that much when I played in high school. LOL

Well, it took its toll.

At the beginning of the summer I started having heel problems...never went to the doctor...just tried to deal with it. But it has gotten worse lately and Saturday I sent it into a tailspin. I could NOT walk by early afternoon.

My preliminary research (google) says it is probably plantar fasciitis. Rest and shoes inserts are recommended. So, defense against a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds was not my best move. As a result, I headed to the pharmacy to see what I could do to help myself. The pharmacist recommended I sleep in a boot to help keep my foot in the proper rest/recovery position.

So, here is what I strap on right before I go to bed now...

I know you are jealous...don't be. It creates a lot of pain for me...which is ironic because it is supposed to keep it from having pain.

And now that coaching has been added to my title, I have an extra bag to tote around with me when I leave the house. Yeah me!

Happy Monday!

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