Friday, November 11, 2011

Proud to be an Army Brat!

Today is a day we thank those who serve selflessly to help keep America free and to defend the rights we all have as citizens of this great land. I encourage you today to thank a veteran if you see one and to exercise your right as a citizen honorably and respectfully. Men like my dad and brother in law do not choose lightly to spend so much time away from their families so you can be a bonehead about your "rights." If you are going to use your freedom of speech, speak well. If you are going to use your right to bear arms, bear responsibly. You have been given much and much is required of you.

It is not just up to men like these two to live well. It is our responsibility as a citizen of the USA to make a difference--to BE the difference.

Honor a Veteran today by the way you choose to live your life.

Where I Grew Up

My hometown is not on any map, it has no little white church.
It has no courthouse building, no pinpoint on google search.
There is no mayor, or city council to help keep things in line.
No malls, ball fields, gas stations or restaurants in which to dine.

But my hometown has much to offer, yet know you must be tough.
For the rain will come and with it bring the wind that’s cold and rough.
Yet you will find such strength within the families you meet.
A kind of understanding that settles on every street.

Community is essential, support never hides its face.
There is perseverance, patience, kindness, and always grace.
There are not only traditional schools where you learn to read and do math.
Honor, duty, country are also the topics that carve our path.

Life’s lessons are hard on kids that come from my neck of the woods.
The faces are always changing throughout all of the neighborhoods.
Sometimes a parents’ job forces them to leave for long spans of time.
Sometimes a familiar face is one of the hardest things to find.

But you can always find patriotism, faith and loyalty.
You can always find people who say, “Freedom isn’t free.”
You can always find flag-lined streets, and yellow ribbons on the trees.
And you will find the ultimate sacrifice has been made by many families.

The lessons I learned in my hometown have touched me in my soul.
They changed my outlook, my take on things, they have helped to make me whole.
My hometown is the greatest, at least that is my humble point of view.
For my hometown is “Army” where we are strong and brave and true.

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