Thursday, December 1, 2011


The thought "Sometimes home seems so far away." kept rolling around in my head the other day.

I wondered what it meant. "Home" can be a loaded word in my house. My parents do not live near me and so when I say something like, "I can't wait to go home..." my husband usually says something like, "You do know you are already home, don't you?" :)

Yes, yes, I know I am home. I guess in that sense I am more talking about the definition of home that says, "an environment offering security and happiness." And it is not that I don't feel safe where I live with my husband and kids, because I do, it is just that there is no place like mom and dad's! Their home has certain smells, tastes (oh, the tastes that my mom creates!), sounds and feelings. There is a comfort there that cannot be found anywhere else. Or at least that is how it is in my life. Home.

Home doesn't have to be just at mom and dad's, or just in the house I live in with my precious family. Home can also be a mindset. Home is comfortable, home is soothing. It can be found in the eyes of a loving, caring friend. The kind that loves you on your ugliest days and laughs with you whenever you need to laugh (even if it is in church). The kind that tells you the truth, regardless. Home.

Home can be something I long for on never ending days when all I want to do is pull the covers up over my head and shut out the world. Home is that spot in my house where I feel safe to let down my guard. Home is unconditional love. Home.

Home, honestly, can be the one place in town that my kids NEVER want to eat dinner. :)

The one thing I forget about "home" too often is that this world is not my home. I am never going to be comfortable here. I am never going to be free of strife. I am never going to be perfect.

At least not until I get to my true HOME-where I will find my loving Father and my sweet Jesus. Sure, I will encounter difficulties, some I will create myself, some I will feel fall on me unjustly, but regardless they will be there. I can count on that...and I can also count on something else when I get HOME. I will not worry about all that worried me here. I will not be angry with those who double crossed me or hurt the ones I love. I will not be sad. I won't have time. I will be so busy praising my Lord and Savior that none of the foolishness of this world will even cross my mind. HOME will equal PEACE.

The cool thing I am learning (albeit slowly) is that I can have that PEACE here amidst the struggles. When life deals me a situation I don't want/like/understand, I can still be filled with the PEACE that only Jesus can give. He reminded me vividly this past weekend that I am not alone. I may not see Him. I might not be able to touch Him. But He has promised me He would never leave me and there is NO ONE who keeps their promises like He does.

So, even if lies are spewed about you, ugly descriptors are used to describe you or people whom you thought were your friends turn their back on you, fear not. The PEACE of HOME is still yours for the taking...and I am going to try really hard to hang on tight to that PEACE.

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  1. There is no place like home! xo

  2. i too am trying really hard to take that peace-home here.