Thursday, December 29, 2011


We have just returned home from here:

I saw this picture on is the sunrise over Myrtle Beach on Christmas day which is where we were for Christmas. I love that place! More than the place, I love the family I have been blessed with and getting to spend time with almost all of them was amazing!

I know, though, as awesome as going home to mom's is, that being at home with Jesus is more important. I am not talking about the day I leave my life here and go to actually sit at His feet (though that will be incredible!), I am talking about spending time with Him here so that our life here has meaning and purpose. This is what God laid on my heart on my way to my parents' house.


We've met with shaky circumstances along the paths we have trod.
Sometimes we chose our own direction, losing sight of our loving God.

But then the storms of life surround us and we turn and run back to you
Trusting in your faithfulness, trusting that your Word is true.

We rest our weary souls in your strong, protective arms.
Allowing you to carry us and keep us safe from all harm.

And then you gently set us down again and urge us to look ahead.
Promising to never leave us, urging us to trust in what you said.

And suddenly, the smells of familiarity, the laughter filling the halls.
The comfort of accepting love, a safe place in which to fall.

The ease of a routine and yet the excitement of the unknown.
A place to be still and quiet but yet never feel alone.

A glance around reveals your creations of beauty and of grace.
Your attention to detail can be found in every line that we trace.

The colors blend together in a magnificently sculpted masterpiece.
Your banquet table overflows with the riches of a kingly feast.

There has been peace in the midst of turmoil, beauty found in the midst of the fight.
For reaching the summit, not of our own strength, reveals your brilliant light.

Standing atop the mountain after so long roaming on our own.
Reveals that there really is nothing sweeter than finally coming home.

I pray you are filled today with the peace that comes from being home with Jesus!

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  1. Hope you are still considering that whole book idea. I am understating when I say your poem is very inspirational to me today.