Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Tiny Baby

A tiny baby born in a barn. It makes me crinkle my nose up at the thought. A barn. That is no place for any ordinary baby but for the King of kings? There is no way in any universe that would be right! And yet He was. The King of kings, that is.

He was born in a stable because there was no room in an inn. There was no room anywhere. Bethlehem was all sold out. A big census convention was in town and no one was going to take pity on a poor, young couple regardless of how many miles they had traveled to be there. His mom and His dad did all that they could to provide for Him, in a town that had no room for Him.

That tiny baby made quite a name for himself in the 33 years He lived. He made some people mad, sure. But when He walked into a town, the winds changed. He made ordinary people dive for just a touch of the hem of his garmet. Oh the faith they had in a man they had only heard about. He was a game changer. He still is.

A tiny baby.

A dirty stable.

A simple man.

A loving Savior.

And room for Him in our busy lives.

I pray today that when He knocks on the door of your heart He does not find a "No Vacancy" sign hanging there. Make room for that tiny will be so worth it!

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  1. Great insight, Paige. I want to make room for Him in this busy season. It seems so hard to do, and that makes no sense. The season is all about Him, after all.