Monday, December 5, 2011

The True Meaning

The hustle and bustle of this season is about to kill me. I don't know about you, but I feel like I am going under!!

Add to that the stress of work and everything we are trying to cram into our last days and I want to curl up in the fetal position and block it all out!

God has been reminding me that not only am I not in control of anything, He's got this. He's got the stress, the schedule, the strength I need to make it through each day and the grace to forgive myself when I do not do one of those things (or all of them!) well.

As we make our way through the busy month of December, please remember the true meaning of this season is a baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger, crowned with a crown of thorns and ready to die for you and for me.

A tiny, amazing baby born on a dark and lonely night,
In a dirty, cold stable, to a mom full of fright.

At first glance He looked like any other baby, a wrinkled, cute thing.
But as He made His appearance on this earth, I am sure angel choirs began to sing.

For the Star of Heaven had left His throne and arrived in an unusual form.
The hands that would hold our sin to the cross were now those of a tiny newborn.

The feet that would walk across the land, proclaiming God's love and grace,
Were wrapped up safe and soundly in the warmth of His mother's embrace.

The precious mouth that would preach and teach, was tiny and quiet and still.
He was all baby and yet all God, here to carry out His Heavenly Father's will.

He is truly the reason we celebrate this season, the meaning behind the madness and stress.
And He came not for the hustle and bustle but to save us from the sins we confess.

As we move closer to the day in which we celebrate His miraculous birth.
Let us not forget the true meaning-God loved us so much He sent His son to us on earth.

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  1. That's great insight, Paige. Thank you for sharing this truth. I love the poem. You may hear it again soon! Would you like to read it yourself?

  2. loved it too. and you can read it over the phone to me since the other anonymous is showing me up. :) love you and miss you.