Friday, February 10, 2012

I made this bet....

OK--I made a bet.

Yes, my sweet pastor has told me all about the evils of betting.

Obviously, based on the title, I did not listen to his wisdom.

I am North Carolina graduate.

I made a bet with my sister, Leigh Ann, who is a Duke graduate, on the game that took place Wednesday night. I made the bet when I was fairly certain WE would win. It was taking place in OUR house (you know, in Chapel Hill, not Durham), we were ranked higher, and I just believed we were better.

So, I made THIS bet. We are all going to Disney World at the end of this month and I said this: Winner brings tee shirt from their team and loser has to wear it one whole day and get their picture taken with Mickey. Then it had to be posted on Facebook. Leigh Ann doesn't even have a Facebook. See how confident I was?!

I had the tee shirt all picked out for Leigh Ann to wear.

Then the unthinkable happened.

We lost. Holy cow. We lost!!!

But my sister Leigh Ann said I do not have to wear a dook, I mean, Duke shirt at Disney if I would write a post about it, show this picture and say, "Go Duke." (even though I told her I still would and that I would have TOTALLY made her wear a Carolina shirt).

This hurts, but...

Go Duke.

Her poor dog. Relax. I have already reported her for cruelty to animals.

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  1. Audible inhale when you said you'd have to wear a Dook shirt at Disney. Whew.

    Leigh Ann let you off easy.

    Paige, I'm telling you, though we lost and it was horrible, it was a great night1 19 years since I had last been to that game. I so didn't appreciate free tickets when I was a student. Duh.

    Nothing like the Hill!

    And, by the way, Leigh Ann is outnumbered in the Seigle family..... I think one day at Disney everyone should wear UNC shirts!

  2. Haha! That was one rough game. Anonymous was so sweet and took us in a few weeks ago and we had such a wonderful time! I hope you are doing well!