Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Mumblings

Monday sometimes makes me sad.
Monday means that the weekend is over and I have to go back to work.
But, I only have 4 more Mondays for this year...and I am excited about that! Yeah!  Onto the post!

Friday, I went to pick up Caroline's dance pictures--what a cutie. She loves to wear makeup and have her hair done so she loved getting her picture taken.  When I got home there was a package on the porch with her baseball made me laugh how totally opposite these pictures were!

Will had a ballgame Friday night (in the rain).  It was a nail biter and we ended up losing by 1.  I hate those games.  He felt bad because he was one of the pitchers and he struck out one time up to bat.  So...we did what any good parent would do, we took him out for frozen yogurt.  Right by the yogurt store (called The Sweet Spot), they were having a sidewalk concert. So we wandered down there with our yogurt and enjoyed some local talent.  Will looks miserable, but he was not.

This was the get up for the musicians!  It was a fun little surprise concert that kept us out and about on Friday night.  By the time we left, Will had forgotten that he felt bad about the game.  :)
So, now as the week begins, I take my cue from my pastor who encouraged us to let our lives scream to the world that we are different because Jesus lives in us!.  Our actions, our language, our attitude...our everything should be different.  People should see that we are different and should WANT that difference too. 

So, go on and be different today!  Show Jesus to a lost world.  I am going to be different today (starting with my attitude toward Mondays!).

Will you join me?

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Friday, April 27, 2012


It is Friday and I am linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! It is a glimpse into your week with grainy phone pictures!!!

Will threw "Froggy" up in the den and he landed on the beams we have in that room.  He couldn't have done it if he tried!

Having to eat on one side of her mouth because of the gaping hole!!!

My poor sick was last week...and he is feeling MUCH better now!

I have no idea who writes these but I love them...this one especially! 

Will and I were at a celebration at school.  He got the eye patch and we were playing around...He keeps posing like that so I did too!  And no, my tongue is not pierced!!!
Such a fashionista!
Looking cool!

And there is the tongue!

Killing time at the dentist...

Link up with us!  I promise it is fun!!!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who are you?

Who are you? 

Wait a minute--that should read, "Who Am I?" 

I know I have been MIA here for months!!!  Except for a token What I Wore Wednesday, I apologize for being absent.

It is not that I have not been given some great things to write about from my life is that my life experiences have zapped me of the energy to write.  I have been going full throttle every day and when I do have "time" to write, I have no creative mojo from which to draw.

But alas, we are alive and living here! 

I just finished up the two MOST STRESSFUL weeks in my life.  We have had state testing the past two weeks and it always zaps me.  Two hours every day of walking in circles and making sure that if they are bubbling in number 23 that they are, in fact, on number 23.  However, we are not allowed to read the test questions on the test--calls for some major creativity when trying to keep the kids on track! 

Anyway, I always know I am stressed when the muscles in my left shoulder blade start tightening up and pain shoots across my back during the simplest task of breathing.  This comes, literally, from an old injury that acts up when life gets too overwhelming.  It's my old war injury.  :)

Then comes the month of May, which for a teacher, is full of  "AHHHHHHHHH!"  Last minute things that HAVE TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW, end of the year junk, cleaning out and for me, moving rooms (grrrr!). 

This month also means Mark is about to turn 40 and I should probably get an over the hill kinda party planned...thinking about calling my friend who works in a funeral home and see if we can rent the hearse....I have to be kinda nice though, because my 40th is this year too!!!

So, added to all of that are: dance practices and recitals, baseball practices and games and school plays to attend and that is why I have been absent.  I promise to do better...if there are even any readers left to read this!!!

Have a super day!!!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Ok fellow is Wednesday. That means it is time to link up with Lindsey for some What I Wore Wednesday fun!

Shirt: Talbots
Pants: LOFT (love these--linen--so comfy)
Shoes: Yellow Box

I had car duty and it was 30 degrees--hence the boots!
Shirt/dress: Old Navy
Leggings: GAP
Boots: Steve Madden
Scarf: LOFT

You can't tell but this is a shirt and sweater...
Shirt: Belk--it is really pretty and I will try to get a better picture of it next time
Sweater: Ann Taylor
Pants: LOFT
Shoes: Naturalizer

Shirt and Jacket: LOFT
Pants: Boutique at the beach

Dress: Steinmart
Jacket: LOFT
Boots: Ariat

Jewelry: Silpada

Not my fave.
Tunic: LOFT
Sweater: LOFT
Leggings: Belk
Shoes: Bjorn
Bloom Belt: The Pleated Poppy

pleated poppy

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Ok fellow is Wednesday. That means it is time to link up with Lindsey for some What I Wore Wednesday fun!

We were out of town last Wednesday so I did not you get a combo of two weeks worth of outfits--Yeah you! :)

L/S shirt: Target
Dress: LOFT
Boots: Ariat

Had to unexpectedly go on a field trip to the ZOO in this outfit. I hope the animals were impressed in my heels and pearls because my feet HURT at the end of that day!

Shirt: LOFT
Jacket: LOFT
Jeans: LOFT
Shoes: Lindsay Phillips switch flops

I SO did not feel well this day...can you tell? HAHA SO obvious.
Tank: Kohls
Sweater: LOFT
Skirt: ??
shoes: pretty sure I never left the house so no shoes were necessary!

Dress: LOFT (years ago)
Jacket: LOFT
Shoes: Lindsay Phillips
(I think I need some variety in my store shopping)
Scarf: The Pleated Poppy

Shirt: LOFT (haha)
Sweater: GAP
Shorts: LOFT
Shoes: Lindsay Phillips

Totally had a "business dress" dinner to go to---now keep the dress in mind because I wore it for Easter but paired it with a different scarf and sweater--but forgot to snap a picture of me on Easter! Thanks to Kathleen for her advice on how to do "Business Dress"!
Dress: Ann Taylor
Jacket: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Naturalizer
Scarf: The Pleated Poppy

Can anyone tell the spray tan worked? LOL My instagram-ing of the photo made it look worse but I did get one (because it was free) for Easter!
Jeans: Buckle

Shirt: LOFT
Jeans: Buckle
Scarf: Charming Charlies
Shoes: flip flops

The ONLY picture of me on Easter: with my sweet friend Lynn.
You can see the scarf and sweater...scroll back up to be reminded of dress. :)
Scarf: LOFT
Sweater: GAP

Tee: Ann Taylor
Shorts: LOFT
Sweater: LOFT
Shoes: switch flops

pleated poppy

Momma Go Round

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Today is the day we celebrate that our Lord was not captured by death, even though He died on a cruel cross on Friday. He thought I was worth it. Worth being beaten, stabbed, pierced by a crown of thorns and mocked and made fun of by a taunting crowd. He thought you were worth it too. His death has given us access to the greatest source of grace and mercy through the greatest act of unconditional love. Don't miss out on that love today---He is the God who has always been, always is and always will be. What peace that brings. He is Risen. He is Risen indeed!

Easter 2012

We rejoice in the resurrection of Christ, who came to save all and not just some.
He is the Son of God, the One who was, who is and who is to come.

He was the God of Adam and Eve, who tried to hide from Him what they’d done.
He was the God of Abraham who was willing to sacrifice his precious son.
He was the God of a broken David who still sought Him with all his heart.
He was the God of a fearful Esther who boldly stood up to play her part.
He was the God of His mother Mary whose grief screamed when on the cross He died.
He was the God of Pontius Pilate who fell victim to the ruthless crowd’s cries.

He is the God of the unwed mother who fears she has no place to turn.
He is the God of the father who is dying and yet for more time his soul yearns.
He is the God of the family who just lost someone special in their lives.
He is the God of the broken-hearted who bought into the world’s trap of lies.

He will be the God who breaks open the sky, much like He did bursting forth from the grave.
He will be the Faithful and True Warrior, seated on His white horse, tall and brave.
He will be the God who binds up Satan and tosses him into the lake of fire at last.
He will be the God who reigns forever, over our present, our future and our past.

Today is the day we celebrate His triumphant victory over death.
He sealed His unconditional love for us when on the cross He drew He last breath.
He showed us His power and might when He came storming back from the cold, dark grave.
And all this He did out of perfect love and for our souls to save.

Make this day more than a symbol, make it a choice to give your life to the Holy One.
Give your all to the One who was, who is and, praise His name, who is to come!

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Friday, April 6, 2012


It is Friday and I am linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! It is a glimpse into your week with grainy phone pictures!!!

We have been having some ominous clouds around these parts combined with some terrible storms. We have been spared and only had thunderstorms...but the clouds have been scary enough! This was taken right after a big storm passed...and right before another big storm hit us!
We had a quick trip to Asheville for a dinner honoring my father-in-law. On our way there we encountered a massive hail storm...massive in time...lasted 15 minutes. I have never been in the car when it was hailing-but man was it loud!
We got all decked out for the dinner and I thought sweet Will looked so handsome! He was not happy with me taking his picture, but at least he didn't cover his face!
The dinner was at UNC-Asheville's new basketball the kids had their picture taken-just because. Will decided he wants to visit all major college basketball courts in his lifetime! Oh help!
Here is the family, minus me, the photographer. Everyone looked beautiful!!
The kids stole a quick lap around the new floor...well, Will did the lap and Caroline posed! :)
Then, on our way home, Mark bought me a new car! Shocking!!!!! Of course there is a story behind it, but I won't bore you with the details!
I got a wild hair (haha) and made birds' nests with Rice Krispie treats and Cadbury mini eggs. They were a hit after ball practice last night!

And finally, this is what I ate for breakfast today. Just thought you might want to know!

It is "good" Friday and I hope you all know that you were so worth it to God that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for you today. We call it "good" because His gruesome death allows us entrance to heaven, but it was a dark day for his disciples and His Father. But take heart, Sunday is coming when He will burst up from the grave and conquer death once and for all! That means for you too!

Happy Easter weekend to you!!!

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