Friday, April 6, 2012


It is Friday and I am linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! It is a glimpse into your week with grainy phone pictures!!!

We have been having some ominous clouds around these parts combined with some terrible storms. We have been spared and only had thunderstorms...but the clouds have been scary enough! This was taken right after a big storm passed...and right before another big storm hit us!
We had a quick trip to Asheville for a dinner honoring my father-in-law. On our way there we encountered a massive hail storm...massive in time...lasted 15 minutes. I have never been in the car when it was hailing-but man was it loud!
We got all decked out for the dinner and I thought sweet Will looked so handsome! He was not happy with me taking his picture, but at least he didn't cover his face!
The dinner was at UNC-Asheville's new basketball the kids had their picture taken-just because. Will decided he wants to visit all major college basketball courts in his lifetime! Oh help!
Here is the family, minus me, the photographer. Everyone looked beautiful!!
The kids stole a quick lap around the new floor...well, Will did the lap and Caroline posed! :)
Then, on our way home, Mark bought me a new car! Shocking!!!!! Of course there is a story behind it, but I won't bore you with the details!
I got a wild hair (haha) and made birds' nests with Rice Krispie treats and Cadbury mini eggs. They were a hit after ball practice last night!

And finally, this is what I ate for breakfast today. Just thought you might want to know!

It is "good" Friday and I hope you all know that you were so worth it to God that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for you today. We call it "good" because His gruesome death allows us entrance to heaven, but it was a dark day for his disciples and His Father. But take heart, Sunday is coming when He will burst up from the grave and conquer death once and for all! That means for you too!

Happy Easter weekend to you!!!

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  1. Love your Easter comment :) A shiny new car?!! Awesome! And I'm super impressed by those rice krispie treats, how cute!

  2. Your family looks gorgeous. So cute.

    Have a beautiful Easter, Paige!

  3. Love the end of your post, SO true! :) You kiddos are too cute! The "nests" look yummy!