Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who are you?

Who are you? 

Wait a minute--that should read, "Who Am I?" 

I know I have been MIA here for months!!!  Except for a token What I Wore Wednesday, I apologize for being absent.

It is not that I have not been given some great things to write about from my life is that my life experiences have zapped me of the energy to write.  I have been going full throttle every day and when I do have "time" to write, I have no creative mojo from which to draw.

But alas, we are alive and living here! 

I just finished up the two MOST STRESSFUL weeks in my life.  We have had state testing the past two weeks and it always zaps me.  Two hours every day of walking in circles and making sure that if they are bubbling in number 23 that they are, in fact, on number 23.  However, we are not allowed to read the test questions on the test--calls for some major creativity when trying to keep the kids on track! 

Anyway, I always know I am stressed when the muscles in my left shoulder blade start tightening up and pain shoots across my back during the simplest task of breathing.  This comes, literally, from an old injury that acts up when life gets too overwhelming.  It's my old war injury.  :)

Then comes the month of May, which for a teacher, is full of  "AHHHHHHHHH!"  Last minute things that HAVE TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW, end of the year junk, cleaning out and for me, moving rooms (grrrr!). 

This month also means Mark is about to turn 40 and I should probably get an over the hill kinda party planned...thinking about calling my friend who works in a funeral home and see if we can rent the hearse....I have to be kinda nice though, because my 40th is this year too!!!

So, added to all of that are: dance practices and recitals, baseball practices and games and school plays to attend and that is why I have been absent.  I promise to do better...if there are even any readers left to read this!!!

Have a super day!!!

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  1. I'm still here!!!:) and dude, i can't believe you and mark are turning 40! I mean it's NOT old, but geez where has the time gone?!:)