Friday, June 1, 2012


Linking up with Jeannett for a fun look into a week in phone pictures.

I did not post last week so I am including a picture I posted on twitter two weeks ago on our 16th anniversary!  I said, "We haven't changed a bit in 16 years."  hahahahahaha

Last Friday was Mark's 40th birthday!  We went to a great little Italian restaurant nearby with some great friends!  I had rushed home Friday to make Mark The Pioneer Woman's Big Chocolate Cake.  Took me forever but he has loved it for the past week...our waistlines are not loving us!
We went over to friends to celebrate Memorial Day and Mark was manning the grill when a fire broke out. He came back in asking for help and Lynn sent him out with a spray bottle...hilarious!  I love that it is pink!!!!
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