Friday, June 29, 2012


It is Friday and I am linking up with Jeanett from Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! I am trying a collage today because I had SO many pictures from our trips...hope you are not overloaded! :)

I will work my way around the collage and explain...starting at top, left to right, then down the side, across bottom from right to left and up left side to the middle picture...confusing enough for you? :)

*Caroline wanted to buried in the sand so her cousins obliged her. *playing bocce ball on the beach *I got a kick out of this one-cops around here like to park on the side of the road and make people think they are tracking speeds but the car is empty.  Someone thought it would be cute to tie a balloon to the car.  :) *my dad forgot his classes at lunch and had to borrow mine.  *Will tried to get Caroline's bowling ball which got stuck in the gutter behind the bumpers--the floor was to slick! *Caroline doing cartwheels on the beach *girl cousins! *Georgie, my sister's dog, hiding from Kingston, my brother's dog *going to the pool *playing in the sand *cousin love *JOSH! * awesome sunset I captured on a drive

Ok...this next set is a REAL treat!  I have permission to post this of Anonymous, without hiding her face (I feel I should note here that permission was granted by her husband because these are SO funny).  The little girls were dancing and Anonymous' husband had given them an imaginary box they HAD to dance in.  Then he would give them three seconds to dance out of the box but at the end of the three seconds, they had to get back "in the box".  Anonymous wanted to join in. 

Top left picture is her beginning to dance in the box.  Top Right is her first second out of the box.
Bottom left is still out of the box...                              Bottom Right is back in the box! right is my favorite. 

More cousins showed up yesterday so expect more pictures soon...this is my favorite time of the year.  All together--lots of noise--lots of love!

Have a GREAT Friday!!!

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  1. I think bottom left of Anon with G is my fave. Way to go Paige getting these shots!