Friday, June 22, 2012


I think being thankful is a concept that is being forgotten.  In a world where we are constantly bombarded with the idea that life is all about “me”, we easily can lose focus of what SHOULD matter instead of what we want to matter.  We were not put on this earth to pump up our own ego and to follow our own man-made plan.  We were put here as examples for Christ.  We are to point others toward Him, regardless of our circumstances, pain, or even joys.  If our attention is on anything other than honoring Him and His name, we are already off track.

But take heart, because this can EASILY be remedied.  We have only to utter very simple sentences of thankfulness to our Lord for our hearts to begin to change from a self focus to a Christ focus.  I will start with some sentences and I would LOVE for you to add your sentences to the comments.  

I am thankful you are the promise of  a new day full of blessings with each early morning sunrise.

I am thankful that you are always beside me and promise to never leave me or forsake me.

I am thankful that you are full of forgiveness, grace and mercy.

I am thankful that you can see what is ahead for me and have already made a way.

I am thankful that you are I AM and all I have to do is rest in you.

I am thankful for a Savior whose blood covers me wholly and completely.

I am thankful for the opportunities you give me to bless your name.

I am thankful for friends and family who encourage me on in my quest to know you more.

OK-now it is your turn...what are you thankful for?

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