Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Very Present Help

Struggling through rough times can either break you or make you realize that nothing is possible without Christ leading your life.  There is that age old saying, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."  I believe that saying but only in the context that if our faith is getting stronger we can survive.

This life is hard.  It drains us.  It leaves us empty and used.   It takes and takes and takes and never thinks about giving back.  It is overwhelming and full of many opportunities to trip and fall.  It can be discouraging--just writing that list has put me in a bad mood.  :)  There is hope though....

Because our God is bigger than all of that.  Our God does not cower in the face of the evil one who would love nothing more than to bring us down.  Our God is not intimidated by the mountains we see in our lives.  Our God wants us to call to Him, to lean on Him and ultimately to trust Him to work it all out for good according to His perfect will for our lives. 

So no matter what storm you are facing, or what decision has to be made or even what awesome life changing event just took place, remember that as long you hold tight to His Hand, He will lead through to His blessings and mercy. 

As you walk on the path of life, remember who He is and be thankful that He never leaves you to figure it all out on your own.  God laid the words below on my heart as I walked through an uneasy time and so I share them with you as an encouragement.  He loves you. And He wants what is best and what is good for you.  Trust Him to carry that plan out until you see it completed.

You are the very present help when my life is upside down.
You are the safety net I cling to when in my struggles I start to drown.

You are my constant companion when the road is long and dark.
You are the colors bursting forth when life's canvas is plain and stark.

You are the laugh that bubbles up when instead I'd rather cry.
You are the comfort in my struggles when all I can mutter to you is "Why?"

You are the loving arms of a friend who knows exactly what I need.
You are the voice that I can follow when I need someone to lead.

You are the smile from a stranger that encourages me to carry on.
You are the sunrise of possibilities with each brilliant. miraculous dawn.

You are the only perfect example of how I should live my life.
You are the loving,  kind peacemaker in a world so full of strife.

You are forgiveness, grace and mercy to anyone who comes.
You are my Savior, my Redeemer, You are Jesus, God's own Son.

I am praying for you to have the most amazing day today, full of His blessings.


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