Friday, July 27, 2012


It is Friday and I am linking up with Jeanett from Life Rearranged for InstaFriday!

I went back and grabbed a few from the beach because I never shared them but I liked them!

This is Caroline and my niece Elizabeth contemplating life's issues on the side of the pool.  

My brother in law and nephews were a hit out in the ocean with their throwing skills!  That is Caroline flipping over a wave!

Water park picture.  I have one from every year, I think!

Caroline was watching something on TV and Will was doing a puzzle (mom, aren't you proud?) and she decided she couldn't see, so she put her chair on top of the table with puzzle and declared that it was a much better view!

Then I sent my oldest off to camp for a week.  Ahhh!  If our babysitter hadn't been going as a counselor, and our pastor (who is a dear friend) wasn't going up each day to do the devotion with them, I am not sure I could have gotten through the week!  He comes back this afternoon!  Yeah.  He told our pastor to tell me he has not showered all week.  Gross!

As soon I put Will on the bus, I went to color my grays!    I love hair day!

Wednesday, we thought we would have Caroline and her friend at our house but they decided they wanted to spend the night at Lanie's house, so we had date night!  Yeah!

I found this on Facebook and laughed out loud.  I think this so often.  I sent it to my sister Leigh Ann who said it is her last thought before she goes to bed each night.  (not really, but she hinted at that feeling)!

Then, super cool thing, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw that Nicholas Sparks' movie (which is currently filming) had a twitter account.  My oldest friend in the whole world (in time we have known each other, not age) had informed me back in June that her daughter was going to be one of the lead children roles in the movie and then I saw this and many other pictures of Mimi and Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel.  So cool!

Hope yall have a great weekend!!!!

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