Monday, August 20, 2012

Lean on Me

Lessons. Sometimes I like to learn lessons. If the topic interests me, I am usually hooked into the lesson. If it hurts or is hard to learn, I usually don’t engage myself. If it is boring, I usually tune out. Always though, I have a running commentary going in my head---things I think of when a presenter is talking, or things I think they should say. <----That is not a good thing-especially with someone like me who enjoys talking so much. For instance, this Sunday, my pastor introduced himself to the congregation before he started his sermon…he has never done that before…he actually said, “Good Morning, I am (insert his name) and I am the pastor of this church.” My first thought was, “And I wrote this message…” haha

 Anyway…lessons for me are constant. They are for all of us. We can embrace them or we can run from them. But not taking the time to learn the lesson does not mean we escape from consequences of not heeding the information found in the lesson. And not every lesson comes with a set of condemning consequences…but the ones that impact us certainly change us or transform us. 

Life changes and it changes us. Like it or not, we do not stay the same. We get older. We get wiser (hopefully). We get more set in our ways. I could list a thousand things that change about us as we go through life, but that is not really the point. 

Some of us are OK with change. For instance, I grew up as an Army Brat, moving every 3 years. I am OK with change (I don’t want it to be constant, but I can embrace it rather easily). My husband, though, grew up in the same place all of his life. Stayed in that town to go to college and then almost died when he moved 3 hours away after graduation. He does NOT like change. Cannot embrace it---fights against it at every turn. 

The fact remains though that there is only one thing that never changes…His name is Jesus. And while He is constantly trying to change us into the person He wants us to be, He, Himself, never changes. He doesn’t have a blurry line when it comes to his expectations. When everything else in our life seems out of focus, He is the clear constant. He is “the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:7) 

Sometimes, a lot lately,  when life's lessons feel slightly overwhelming and a little heavy to hold up under, I lean a little harder into that truth up there--He is the same yesterday, today and forever.


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  1. i love this. change is something i struggle with always too.