Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

It is Wednesday!!!! Yeah! That means that, yes, I am putting pictures of myself online. I promise it is not because I am is for accountability and great advice. We are a group of bloggers who post pictures of outfits in order to keep us out of our pjs and yoga pants! We link up with Lindsey and get GREAT ideas from each other. Join us!

Tank: Target
Tunic: Anthropologie
Shorts: Old Navy
Jewelry: Silpada

Tee: Ann Taylor
Shorts: LOFT
Shoes: Old Navy

This was a sad day (despite my smile)--I had to go back to work!!!
Shirt: Belk
Jeans: LOFT
Shoes: flip flops-Clarks
Jewelry: Silpada

Today is Meet the Teacher Day at school.  I get to meet my whole new crop of kiddos---always nerve-wracking for me!  Thursday is our first day of school...can't even believe it!

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  1. Cute outfits! Good luck on your new school year. It's meet the teacher night at our school, too. I can't belive the summer is already over!

  2. I can't believe you are already back to work!! Welp, you were probably the best dressed one for sure.

  3. Yea for new kids!

    You are such a cutie patootie.

  4. The summer really agreed with you Paige you look 5 years younger. Such cute outfits - make every day count those kids are counting on you and thanks for being a Teach I can tell your a great one and I am sure you don't get the appreciation u deserve so THANKS!!