Thursday, December 13, 2012

Airborne All the Way!

Huah! (pronounced Hoo-uhhh for all you non-military readers).

I have the most awesome heritage....I was blessed enough to be raised in a military family.  We moved more times than I can remember and we lived all over the place.  I got the privilege of going back to the army base where I lived when I graduated from high school.  This is me in front of my old house.

I was able to visit this house because my oldest sister now lives on this same base, just right around the corner from my old house.  Her house is laid out like mine was and let me tell you---it was WEIRD being back in that house...good, but weird. 

Today is a big day because my awesome brother in law, Mike, is taking over the 82nd Airborne Aviation Brigade.  As if that wasn't cool enough, it is the same unit my dad commanded once (only it was a battalion then, not a brigade) when I was in elementary and middle school.   Mike has dedicated his life to the service of his country and I am honored to call him family.    Today is the day he takes over the brigade and I want to wish him well!

 I am proud of you Mike and in Seigle family tradition--I salute you!!!

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  1. Wow, that is huge!

  2. We missed you there Paige! But I agree, I salute you, Mike!!

  3. Very cool! I love our military!!!