Saturday, December 15, 2012

His Life for Mine

It becomes harder and harder to keep my kids focused on what the most important thing is about Christmas. They are inundated with toy commercials and movies all about the "getting" this time of year. I work so hard to remind them that our focus should be the birth of a perfect, holy babe and what that birth means to us.
And sometimes, I need to remind myself. When I get caught up in the gift buying, the gift wrapping, the parties and the stress of this season, I find I need to step back and ponder the importance of that tiny baby born in a barn. God reminded me of this the other day and then laid this poem on my heart.

He ruled beside His Father, watched the world come to be 
Saw man made in His image, saw man fall to Satan's plea.

He watched Job suffer heartache and yet never turn away 
He watched as His Chosen people seemed to always stray. 

He stood beside young David as he fought the Giant in his life. 
And he stood beside him still when he ordered death and pain and strife. 

He spoke throughout the ages of His love for all mankind. 
He jealousy pursued us while we fell for gods of other kinds.

Then His father said, "My Son the time has come for you to go. 
They need a humble, honest Savior from whom grace and mercy flow."

So on a cold, dark night on a stable's hard, damp floor. 
A frightened young girl opened the path to Heaven's door. 

A baby boy so small and helpless yet full of regal majesty, 
Came from Heaven to save the earth-He was born to die for me. 

May we all keep our focus where it should be...

Merry Christmas!

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