Monday, January 7, 2013

Confessions from the Weekend

Oh man. You may not like me anymore after I tell you how I acted this weekend. Have I told you that I am the assistant coach for Will's basketball team? This is not something I ever THOUGHT I would EVER do, and I especially did not think I would do it twice.

 But here I am, year two, assistant coach. Now, I have a great coach to work for (fyi: this is rec league sports...there is no pay) and she really runs the ship. And she runs it well. I am, well, the mouth on the bench. :( There really isn't another way to say it. I run my mouth.  Now Jill, the head coach, is also very loud and argumentative...we are dominating to say the least.  We don't look like it, do we?

We are doing pretty well this season (one loss in a Christmas tournament so far) and I have changed my ways.  Before the Christmas tournament, I rode the refs HARD!  Like, I called every infraction on the other team that they missed (and there are A LOT) and I argued every call against us.  Then, I realized that my behavior probably wasn't helping us.  Yeah, we have only one loss, but we were making enemies right and left (we had one opposing coach ask us how in the world we had not gotten a technical foul this season when he got one for running to the scorer's table...we actually think it is because we are women...but we have no proof of that).  Anyway, I have tried, unless the lack of call is absolutely abhorrent, to just coach...

Friday night we won our came and I did just that...mostly coach.

Saturday rolled around and we went to see Caroline play ball.  Now, she is a cutie patootie on the ball court, but she is not very aggressive.

And I am all about the rules being followed and the men in stripes calling the games correctly...all the time.  Her game started and it became clear, VERY QUICKLY, that these referees had NO IDEA what they were doing.  There is a crazy defense rule in her league that I won't get into but I will tell you this---when the refs can't keep up with it correctly, the 7 and 8 year old girls are probably not going to be able to follow it either.

Enter frustrated mom (who just so happened to swear off yelling at the refs while she coaches...) and it got ugly.  I yelled.  The lady in front of me, a fan of the other team, started arguing with me (that was NOT pretty) and then the ref told the coach to control her fan...

Not my best moment.
The kicker?  We lost.

Yes, that is correct.  1-0.  I am not sure there is anything worse than 1-0.

Except maybe my behavior!

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  1. and she won tonight...13-4
    I only got loud once but the ref did NOT know the rule!!!!! :)

    it IS improvement!