Monday, January 14, 2013

Confessions of the Weekend

It saddens me to say that there appears to be a pattern forming. That is, if after two weekends of the same things, one can say it is a pattern.  Maybe I need more time.  I fear the same result would be there!

We had basketball games again. 

It wasn't Caroline's maybe already it isn't a pattern.

But we played a game against a team that isn't very good.  HOWEVER, we were only going to have six of our eight players (two were gone to an academic bowl, of sorts) and I was a NERVOUS wreck!  Nervous because we only had six players.  Nervous because the coach of the other team hates our guts!  We had already asked him to switch the game so we could have our whole team there and he said no.  I was sick to my stomach.

No reason to be.  We won 37-5.  I know.  You are wondering what I was worrying about.  Me too--NOW!  But then it was bad. 

I feel like maybe I should interject here that I DO NOT like the men in the stripes!  I make vast generalizations like they all need glasses and they all show favoritism to the team that is opposite of the one I want to win.  :)

The refs would not make a call for us because we were winning by so much and we had kids coming off the floor bleeding.  Bleeding.  And then, this one big kid on the other team started throwing elbows, like REALLY swinging his elbows and elbowing our big guy.  Nothing.  The refs called nothing.  I MAY have lost my cool.  And when the ref went by and said, "I gave him a warning." I may have lost it again.  A warning?  I believe that should have been a straight up foul.  And I made my point clear.

I just think the kids need to know that they will be protected and the kid swinging elbows should have been called for a foul AND it should have been explained to him why what he was doing was wrong.  But it wasn't.  And this is the same kid who took a swing at someone later on.  Nice.

I did better than I thought I would...but I still have a long way to go!  We have games this week...Thursday and Friday for Will, Tuesday for Caroline.  Have mercy!

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