Monday, January 21, 2013

Confessions of the Weekend

Well, I live in the deep south.  We had the threat of snow.  Here is proof.

This is what it looked like on Thursday after they sent us home at 11 from school because of the map above.

HAHA!  This what happens when a flake falls around here.

I have a friend from Maine.  He said one time, "In Maine, we measure snow falls by the inches or feet.  But here in the south, snow falls are measured by the number of flakes that fall."

So true!  Don't worry though.  Not a flake fell at my house, so I was safe from this mass chaos.

Now onto the basketball news of the weekend--I know you are waiting on pins and needles.

You might find yourself proud of me today.

We had ball games on Friday night and Saturday morning and I TOTALLY behaved.


No yelling at refs. No yelling at kids.

Proud aren't you?

It's a modern day miracle.  I even have the day off today so it makes this sweet weekend even sweeter!  Hope you are not working today.

In honor of Dr. King's  birthday, Will said to me Sunday night, "I have a dream, mom. And tonight it will last longer than most Sunday night dreams because I don't have to get up early tomorrow!"  :)

Have a super day!!!

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  1. Haha - you are right about the south and snow! I drove 14 hours with Lillie and Lola last week and started in a major snowstorm up in NH. When we finally got back to VA we got the tiniest bit of a flurry the next day and Lillie's preschool was canceled -ahhhhh! Haha! I hope you've had a good 2013 so far.