Monday, January 28, 2013

Confessions of the Weekend


This amazing group of 9-10 boys finished up the regular season on Saturday.  It was their 11th game.  It was their 11th win!  Yes, they went 11-0!  SO proud of them.  They truly play LIKE A TEAM!  They could not have accomplished an 11-0 season if they had not!  
We start our post season tournament this week.  Enter nerves (for me...not them).

In our last game, the coaches for the other team went after our big guy by trying to tell the ref before the game that he fouls the whole time and camps out in the lane.  None of which is true...but the refs listened.  And the first two fouls in the first two minutes went against him.  I was livid.  THEN, the other coaches started calling out from the sidelines things like, "Double dribble" or "walk" and the refs started blowing the whistle and calling them.  

Livid.  Again.  Remember, I had told the kids I wasn't going to yell at the refs.  I broke my promise.  I did tell the ref that if he was going to let the other coach call the game, then he needed to be fair and let me make some calls too.  He wasn't amused.  That's OK.  Neither was I.

He backed off and started making the right calls and we won (obviously you know that if you read the beginning).  The kids were so excited.  I gotta say, their two coaches were too!

One more week...not sure my blood pressure and nerves can take much more.  We shall see!

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