Monday, February 4, 2013

Confessions of the Weekend

I have never been so excited about a confessions post than I am today!!!!!!!

We finished up the regular season last weekend with an 11-0 record.  We gave out regular season medals to the boys before our first game of the tournament.

When you finish the regular season undefeated, you tend to have a target on your back when the tournament starts.  And boy did we ever.  I think everyone cheered against us except our own fans!  But that is OK.  We won on Thursday night, then won again on Friday night to earn ourselves a spot in the championship game.  Now, technical fouls were called all over the place in these games but you will be proud to know that I dd not get even one...not even a warning! 

Proud aren't you?  :)  I knew you would be!

But not nearly as proud as I am about the championship game.  We played a team that we only beat by one in the regular season.  Early on we were down 10-2 and we couldn't seem to get our game going.  Our shots weren't falling and we had sub-par defense happening!  It was NOT pretty.  It was so stressful to be one of the coaches!  We finally turned it on in the fourth quarter, chipped away at their lead and won by 2!!!!!

We are the champions!!!!! (my friend....)....SOOOO proud of these boys!!!!
Thanks for listening to my ramblings about these great boys the last few Mondays!  Who knows what next Monday's post will hold.

Happy Monday!

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