Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Recap---Comedy

I am so late in posting this and I know that.

I was getting my nerve up.

I have a friend who is 30 weeks pregnant with twin boys and she was put into the hospital last night until she delivers due to some ongoing complications she has been having. 

She and I talked Saturday and I decided I was going to go hang out with her since she can't leave the hospital and go anywhere. 

Now, being the good friend that I am (just smile at that because my pride is about to get slapped down) I stopped at Kroger and got gum, mints, her favorite candy and some magazines for her to read while cooped up in bed.  As I was leaving the lady checking me out asks  me how I got my hair to look so amazing.  Really, those were her words.  :)  I stood up a little a taller and proceeded to tell her what I do to curl my hair (the magic is ALL in the Jose Eber curling wand, by the way).  Another note of interest....I did NOT pay that for mine...mine was not that expensive.

Anyway, she tells me over and over how much she loves my hair and I swear, my beautifully curled head almost didn't fit out of the sliding doors of Kroger and into my car.

I got to the hospital, carrying the cutest gift bag full of all of her faves.  I stopped at the information desk and asked which elevator I take (because this hospital has Elevators A-Z and if you take A and you should be on W, then you will NEVER find the person you were meant to find no matter how hard you try!!!).  So I discover I am supposed to be on elevator E.  My directions state that I should walk down this hall right here-stay straight, when I get to the mirrors, go to the left of them and keep walking.  Once I get to the end and HAVE to turn, I will turn right and the elevator I am looking for will be on the right.

Ok.  I told the nice young lady thank you and I turned my bouncy head to the right and headed off down the hallway in search of elevator E.

And right after I went through a door way, the floor texture changed, there was a wet spot, and I BIT THE DUST!  I don't mean, I fell to my knee, or my foot slipped a little and I caught myself on the wall.  I mean, both feet flew out from under me as I frantically tried to grab onto the mirrored wall.  My purse hit the mirrored wall and made THE LOUDEST sound and my arm carrying the gift bag flew around and smacked HARD on the ground.  I was on my knees and elbows when it was over and totally embarrassed and could NOT believe I was ALL BY MYSELF!!!  After sitting there about 20 seconds, and watching a doctor pass me but not stop and ask me if I was OK, I got up and with shaking hands and legs stumbled into the bathroom.  I busted out laughing, calmed myself down, fluffed my hair (haha, not really) and walked out with my head held high like I had not just made a complete fool of myself.

I found elevator E about the time my knees and right ankle started screaming at me and made it to my friend's room- still kinda shaking.  I proceed to tell her and as we laugh, she changes the channel on her TV to the closed circuit TV camera that monitors the main hallway WHERE I JUST FELL!  So, I guess I was entertainment to whomever was watching from their hospital bed.

I started thinking about all of it on my way home and God just kinda hit me in the forehead.  I had been basking in the glory of the lady's compliments about my hair and I was feeling a little too good about myself and I would venture to say that God gave me a nudge on that wet floor to make sure my pride was in check.  It was a good, humbling lesson and I am still laughing about it now. 

Watch this video of the model on the runway (turn your sound on, because the announcers truly make it funnier!) and think, "That is what Paige looked like...only not that graceful and certainly not that skinny!"

Have a great day and remember, if someone starts complimenting you, say thank you, tell yourself it isn't true and watch out for slick floors!  :)

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