Monday, May 13, 2013

The Hardest Job

I truly thought, all my life as a mother, that motherhood was the toughest job around. Sleepless nights, endless worries over whether the cough was just a simple cough, maybe croup, maybe bronchitis, strep or pneumonia! Do they feel warm or is it just me? Do their eyes look tired? Are they eating healthy? Do they weigh enough? too much? Are they doing well in school? What else can I do for them????? All of those questions and many more have haunted me as a mom. But I discovered something Friday night....

The hardest job of all time is being a chaperone at a lock-in at school with 22 kids.  Maybe my age had something to do with it...maybe the stress of being a chaperone AT SCHOOL, at night, with security cameras running 24 hours to catch all of our running in the halls had something to do with it.

Don't get me wrong, just like motherhood, it was full of fun, spills to clean and lack of sleep!

We had a great leader (she was on top of everything---to include making an agenda for the night for the kids to follow--hahahahaha!)--see how observant she is in picture #23.  She was adamant that we take a group photo every hour and we did....probably the favorite part for me.

2.                                                            Everyone so excited to be there!

Still pumped and now on caffeine!
4.                                                          Caffeine and sugar!
5.                                                                 Scavenger Hunt Rules
6.                                                                 Free time in the gym
7.                                                                        Rock on!
8.                                                                 More free time
9.                                                                      No words
10.                                                              copy cat dance
11.                                                              everyone still hanging on
12.                                                             eli in his tent-cot
13.                                                                    dodgeball
15.                                                                pjs on but no one asleep
16.                                                        rolling chair races
20.                                                               prank call to principal
21.                                                                   lost some!
23.                                                                   getting smaller
24.                                                                   our fearless leader
25.                                                   6 left....just go to sleep!!!!!!
26.                                                                     zzzzzzzzzzz
27.                                                                         haha
                                                    they did not crash early enough!!!!!
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