Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I do love Wednesdays for one reason---I get lots of fashion inspiration from the girls who link up with Lindsey!  Yeah!  That means that, yes, I am putting pictures of myself online.  I promise it is not because I am is for accountability and great advice.   We link up with Lindsey and get GREAT ideas from each other.  Join us!

My pictures are literally huge this week and I have no idea how to fix this.  I am sorry.  Probably way more than you wanted to see of me...all up close and personal.  When I uploaded like I usually do, my pictures looked like this:

and there was no fixing it.  I had to click "original size" for it to show up correctly and I feel like that setting has me my normal, everyday, in real life size.  :)

Dress and Sweater: LOFT
Scarf and Leggings: Cotton and Twine
Shoes: ????

I love my cut you will see in the next picture.  Dress them down, dress them up (as much as you can with cut offs)...comfy
cut offs and tee: LOFT
Flops: Old navy can make them dressier with heels...right? :)
Cut offs: LOFT
Shirt: Chicos
Shoes: Dillards
We met up with friends we had not seen for 14 years and had lunch!  SO fun! 

FAVE outfit of the week.  This skirt bounced when I walked and I felt like a princess for some reason.
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Chicos
Shoes: Dillards

Link up...I promise it is fun!  I am going to have some guest appearances next week, so be on the lookout!

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  1. I love the bigger pictures!

  2. I don't think your pictures look too big at all!

    Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday Just grab the badge or link and comment and you're good to go!