Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She Loves Well

I traveled this summer.

I travel every summer.  I am usually gone for about a month (before you try to rob me next year when I leave, please note that my hubby does not travel with us...). :) 

Anyway, every year when I travel, my church family gives me a hard time about being gone so long.  I hear comments like, "We thought you might have joined another church."  "We figured someone ran you off to a 'sister' church." (sister church=another baptist church).  "I thought you moved to another town!"

But there is one lady, one very sweet lady, who tells me every year that I have no business leaving, she tells me she doesn't want me to leave and she is going to be mad at me if I leave again.

I always leave.

But I always come back.

And she always tells me I have been gone too long.

She is "Miss Anna" to almost everyone who knows her.   And that would be everyone in the church.  You can't attend my church and NOT know her.  She is grace, mercy, love, encouragement and honesty all rolled up into one sweet lady.

Everyone is still as stone when Miss Anna prays---everyone listens intently, sensing that God may just answer her audibly right there on the spot.  Everyone listens when she speaks.  She speaks the truth, in a way that makes you feel like your favorite grandmother just gathered you in her lap and is telling you the most amazing story. 

One thing I try NOT to do very often when I am in Miss Anna's presence is look directly in her eyes.  They are kind eyes, mind you, but they are eyes that can see down into your soul.  Or at least she can mine.  And there are some things I might not want her to see.

She knew I was pregnant with my second child, before I even did!  She is just that good.  :)

But no matter what she sees in my eyes, she always tells me she loves me.  She tells me things like, "You make my soul sparkle."  She remembers things I have told her in the past and she questions me on things in my life in which I need to be questioned.  She blesses my soul every time I am with her.

 She makes me feel loved. 

And she teaches me how to love well.

These hands always grab me up and give me a huge hug.  Then she puts them on the side of my face and tells me she missed me, or she loves me, or she is so happy to see me.  Sometimes I hear all three.  She smiles at me.  Genuinely smiles. 

She invests in my life.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why, but she does.  And it is a blessing.  She lives out God's love in her interactions with others.  If you meet her, you will be introduced to Jesus. 

I spent the day with her as our church did a prayer walk from our current church to our future church property.  She was a breath of fresh air on a stifling hot day.  And I was so blessed to be able to watch her pour out that same love on so many others.

And I am so thankful that God has allowed her to be a part of my life.  I hope one day to be able to love others as well as she does.  God has certainly given me one of the best example possible.

Love you Miss Anna!!!

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