Sunday, January 26, 2014

I hate Clemson

My sister is on my case to blog something!  So here it goes!

Tonight Carolina plays Clemson.

Clemson has never won in the Dean Dome.

It's been a rough year for my Heels.

I'm really hoping this record (56-0) is still in place after tonight.

I don't like Clemson. I can't explain it. I just do. I think it goes back to Rick Barnes' time at Clemson.
I just want them to lose.

And I REALLY wish ESPN would NOT give Jay Williams (a DOOK grad) our Carolina games to call.  One-he's awful. Two-he graduated from DOOK and three - he's awful.!!!!


                                                           ****** UPDATE!!!******
THE STREAK CONTINUES!!!!  It was a thumping in Chapel Hill!!   So proud!!

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