Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Snowing and it's Rivalry Week

So I live in Georgia.

Go ahead and make the jokes. Yes. Our whole state shuts down when it snows. But in defense of Georgia - the last storm was ice people -not just "the devil's dandruff"... (If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.)  I know that people live in states where 400 blue million inches of snow stays on the ground from September to May, but I don't live there.  I live in the south.  So the piddly amount of snow you see in the next pictures may not shut a town down in one of those states, but it does here. It is what it is.  And thankfully it only happens every 3-5 years!

Anyway. We have had snow this week again. No school Tuesday, Wednesday and we just got the call that there is no school tomorrow!!!  Rock on. That means more of this:

I tend to follow this path.
and it doesn't take me til day 4 to get here....

It is sleeting right now though.  My kids (and husband) are pouting, because they want to be out in the snow, sledding.  I am pouting, because I just read that this lull in the weather is not going to last and the storm will  hit us around 3 today...dumping snow all over us!  One person put a radar pic up on Facebook and said, "...she's a ramping up, deepening, and is ready to lay the smack down!"  I pout over this because I don't want to lose power before THE BIG GAME!!!!

Tonight is the Carolina-Duke game...and as much as I do not like Clemson (see previous post, if you are confused), it is 100 times more when it comes to Duke.  I want Carolina to do to Duke what the dude said the storm was doing.....I want us to ramp up, dig deep and LAY THE SMACK DOWN!

I have so many great Carolina-Duke memories over the years.  I love the rivalry and I hate to lose...and that makes this the game for all the bragging marbles in the state.

As the game approaches, everyone comes out making predictions, comments and stirring up trouble...I love when former Carolina players talk trash.  One of my faves, Kendall Marshall, has been on Twitter today.  I stole this off of former player, Michael Brooker's, Facebook wall...

@KButter5: #dookfans remind the teacher she forgot to collect hw.
@KButter5: #dookfans eat turkey burgers.
@KButter5: #dookfans cut the crust off their PB&J.
@KButter5: #dookfans use bing, not google.
@KButter5: #dookfans hated recess.
Kendall Marshall is a funny guy. He's killing it on Twitter today.

GO HEELS!  Beat dook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And please let me watch the whole game with no power outages.

Stay safe and warm yall!  And cheer loudly for the boys from Carolina!

Game postponed until next week.  Conflicting stories.  Duke says players couldn't make it to gym.  ESPN says players on bus when decision made.  Either way I am mad!  I wrote a little poem about it!

 "They will not play us in the snow
They say eight miles is too far to go
They had all day to make the trip
But now too dangerous, Duke may slip
25,000 students scared them still
They could not drive up to the Hill
A forfeit is what this should be
And the W goes to UNC."

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